LAWF 3030 Contracts (3,0,0)(3,0,0)

Credits: 6 credits
Delivery: Campus

***Please note: LAWF 3030 is a full year course. Students choosing this course in Fall must also register for the same section for it in Winter and vice-versa.*** Students undertake a legal and policy analysis of the basic principles and fundamental concepts of the law of contracts as they relate to commercial and consumer transactions. Students explore the following: the formation of contracts including offer, acceptance and consideration; estoppel; privity; terms of contract, including exemption clauses; standard form contracts; bailment; mistake, misrepresentation and unconscionability; termination, including the doctrine of frustration; breach and remedies for breach; and dispute resolution processes. Emphasis is placed not only on knowledge of rules and principles, their historical derivation, rationale, efficacy and social validity, but also upon the creative use of contracts to both avoid and resolve disputes.
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