FNCE 4140 Personal Financial Management (3,0,0)

Credits: 3 credits
Delivery: Campus

Students acquire skills to identify, structure, and resolve financial planning problems. Multiple analytical tools and tax planning strategies are used in addressing various financial planning issues. Topics include an overview of a financial plan; applying time of money concepts; planning with personal financial instruments; banking services and money management; assessing, managing, and securing credit; personal loans; purchasing and financing a home; auto and homeowner's insurance; health and life insurance; investing fundamentals; investing in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds; retirement planning; and estate planning.
Prerequisite: BLAW 2910 (minimum C-); FNCE 3150 (minimum C-); ACCT 3260 (minimum C-); or equivalent
Note: Students may not receive credit for more than one of FNCE 4140, FNCE 4150, BBUS 4140 or ECON 3090
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