FNCE 3170 Fixed Income and Alternative Investments (3,0,0)

Credits: 3 credits
Delivery: Campus

Students learn to design and analyze fixed income securities and alternative investments. The importance of interestrates, credit risk and product features in the valuation of these assets is emphasized. Topics include an introduction tofixed income investments; fixed income markets; yield curves; bond pricing, valuation and volatility; credit analysisfor firms and individuals; asset backed securities; real estate; hedge funds and private equity.
Prerequisite: FNCE 2120 OR FNCE 2121 (minimum C+ grade) AND ECON 2330 OR ECON 2331 (minimum C- grade) or equivalent
Note: Students cannot receive credit for more than one of FNCE3170; FNCE 3171; BBUS 4150; BBUS 4151
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