FNCE 3120 Finance (3,0,0)

Credits: 3 credits
Delivery: Campus

Students develop a basic understanding of business finance, which deals with how organizations effectively manage their operating and fixed assets and fund them with an optimal mix of debt and equity financing. Topics include the role of the financial manager; goals of the firm; financial statement analysis; time value of money; risk and return including Beta and the Capital Asset Pricing Model; common and preferred share valuation; interest rates and bond valuation; capital budgeting; cost of capital; and optimal capital structure.
Prerequisite: ACCT 2210 (minimum C-); CMNS 1290 (minimum C-); MATH 1070 (minimum C-); ECON 2320 (minimum C-); or equivalent
Note: Students may not receive credit for more than one of FNCE 3120, FNCE 2120, FNCE 2121, BBUS 3120 or BBUS 3121
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