ENGL 3180 Children's Literature (3,0,0)

Credits: 3 credits
Delivery: Campus

Students examine works of children's literature from the last three centuries (including selected fairy tales, novels, stories, poems, and picture books) in order to explore changing perceptions of childhood over time. Students consider how literature aimed at children was used to differentiate children from adults (as well as to challenge such a distinction), to entertain, and to socialize children on issues relevant to their lives in a rapidly changing world. The course also explores connections between children's literature and adult cultural traditions, and demonstrates the importance of the hybrid (or simultaneous child and adult) audiences suggested by many of these works.
Prerequisite: Any two of: ENGL 1100 or ENGL 1110 or ENGL 1120 or ENGL 1140 or ENGL 1210, and completion of 45 credits or permission of the instructor.
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