EDUC 5600 Research Institute: Language, Culture and Community (3,0,0)

Credits: 3 credits
Delivery: Campus

This course consists of academic study associated with full participation in the Education Research Colloquium or The Research Institute at TRU. This course helps students become familiar with and understand education research by providing ample opportunities for critical reading, listening, and discussion. It acquaints students with current educational research issues, facilitates the development of a graduate culture, and builds community among Education graduate students and faculty members. The colloquium/institute includes paper presentations based on research addressing a range of educational issues. In the participatory seminars, students practice their critical thinking skills by leading discussions on the research colloquium presentations. In the lectures, students learn how to interpret research reports and critically respond to them. The lectures also acquaint students with the academic discourse and sound theory and research.
Prerequisite: Meets admission requirements to the TRU GCES or MEd program.
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