EDUC 5041 Diversity: Constructing Social Realities

Credits: 3 credits
Delivery: Distance

Students investigate fundamental questions about the relationship between education and society. Inequalities based on race, culture, language, social class, gender, sexual orientation, (dis)ability status, ethnicity or religion and how they are socially constructed in contemporary society are considered, in addition to how they operate in educational environments. Students identify the effects of these identity constructs on the educational experiences of students and how these constructs shape student access, achievement, and attainment. Students are challenged with the following questions: How do schools reproduce, reinforce, and challenge social inequalities? How do educational materials embrace inclusive approaches within the broader contexts of multiculturalism, globalization and cosmopolitanism? How can educators promote inclusive education that values diversity and equity?
Prerequisite: Meets TRU MEd admission requirements.
Note: Students cannot get credit for more than one of EDUC 5040, EDUC 5041.
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