BUSN 6080 Strategic Management (4,0,0)

Credits: 3 credits
Delivery: Campus

Students examine the role of senior management in developing and implementing corporate strategy in a global context. They learn to analyze the firm's external and internal environment to identify and create competitive advantage, as well as to formulate, implement, and evaluate cross-functional decisions that directly affect the ability of an organization to achieve its stated objectives. Topics include an introduction to strategic management, measures of firm performance, analysis of the external and internal environments, business-level and corporate-level strategy, acquisition and restructuring strategies, international strategies, corporate governance, organizational structures and controls, strategic leadership, and corporate social responsibility and ethics.
Prerequisite: BUSN 6010, BUSN 6020, BUSN 6030, BUSN 6040 and BUSN 6050 or equivalent
Note: Students may only receive credit for one of BUSN 6080, BUSN 6081 or GBUS 5200
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