BUSN 6060 Strategic Management Information Systems (3,0,0)

Credits: 3 credits
Delivery: Campus

Students examine the ability of information technology to enhance the quality and efficiency of decision making by improving the various elements of the decision-making process and making data collection more cost effective. They also discover what every manager needs to know to leverage information systems for the design and implementation of business models in an organization. Topics include: introduction to information systems, organizational strategy and competitive advantage; overview of hardware and software; managing data, information and knowledge; computer networks; information systems in support of business operations; decision support systems and business intelligence; information systems for strategic advantage enterprise resource planning; World Wide Web, E-commerce and mobile commerce; management information systems development and acquisition; cybercrime, information security and controls; and ethics and privacy.
Prerequisite: Admission to MBA or approval of degree committee
Note: Students may only receive credit for one of BUSN 6060, BUSN 6061 or GBUS 5300
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