APEC 1680 Capital Infrastructure and Debenture Financing (3,0,0)

Credits: 3 credits
Delivery: Campus

Students learn how to plan, cost, and finance local government infrastructure projects using long-term debentures in the First Nation Fiscal Management Act (FMA). They also examine the legal, planning and policy requirements established by the First Nation Finance Authority (FNFA), the First Nations Tax Commission (FNTC) and the First Nations Financial Management Board (FMB) as well as best practices in economic, capital and financial planning. Topics include economic infrastructure; economic strategy; integrated capital planning; capital financing and borrowing; borrowing laws and procedures; and a case study in infrastructure financing.
Prerequisite: APEC 1610, APEC 1620
Note: Students cannot receive credit for APEC 1680 and APEC 1681
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