ACCT 2250 Management Accounting (3,0,0)

Credits: 3 credits
Delivery: Campus

Students develop the skills necessary to collect, analyze, and communicate quantitative and non-quantitative information to assist management in making more effective planning and control decisions. Topics include the role of managerial accounting; basic cost management concepts; job, process, hybrid and activity-based costing; cost behaviour and estimation; cost-volume-profit analysis; profit planning and activity-based budgeting; standard costing, flexible budgeting and variance analysis; cost management tools including the balanced scorecard, benchmarking and reengineering; and relevant costs for decision making such as make or buy, special orders, joint products and outsourcing.
Prerequisite: ACCT 2210 or equivalent (minimum C- grade); ENGL 1100 or ENGL 1110 or ENGL 1120 or ENGL 1140 or ENGL 1210 or equivalent (minimum C- grade)
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