ACCT 1000
Financial Accounting (3,0,0)
Credits: 3
Students develop a basic understanding of financial accounting, which involves analyzing and recording a variety of financial transactions and preparing and evaluating financial reports. Topics financial statements; accounting events and entries; accounting adjustments; internal control and cash; accounts receivable; merchandising and inventory; long-term assets, liabilities; statement of cash flows; and financial statement analysis.
Prerequisite: Admission to the Diploma in Horticulture and Management, Tourism programs, Adventure Studies programs
Note: Students cannot receive credit for more than one of ACCT 1000, ACCT 1211, ACCT 1221, ACCT 2210, ACCT 2211, ACCT 1030, ACCT 1210, ACCT 1220, BBUS 2210 or BBUS 2211