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A-Level Exams

For first-year credit

Transfer credit to arts, science or business programs are indicated below. Students may choose to repeat a course at TRU by forfeiting the credit. Students receive introductory credit for A Level subjects passed with a grade of an A or a B.

To transfer credits, you must have:

  1. Official GCE transcript
  2. A-Level courses only
  3. Grade of A or B
Course A-Level grade TRU credit given
Accounting A or B BBUS 2210
Art/Design A or B VISA 1000T (3)
Biology A or B BIOL 1110 & 1210
Business Studies A or B BBUS 1000T (3)
Chemistry A or B CHEM 1110 & 1250
Economics A or B ECON 1900 & 1950
French A or B FRAN 1110T (6)
General Studies A or B ARTS 1000T (6)
German A or B GERM 1110 & 1210
Literature (English) A or B ENGL 1110 & 1210
Mathematics A or B MATH 1000
Mathematics (Applied) A or B No credit
Mathematics (Further) A or B MATH 11A or B0 & 12A or B0
Mathematics (Pure) A or B MATH 11A or B0 & 12A or B0
Philosophy A or B PHIL 1210 & 1220
Physics A or B PHYS 1100 & 1200
Psychology A or B PSYC 1110 & 1210
Sociology A or B SOCI 1110 & 1210
Spanish A or B SPAN 1110 & 1210