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The School of Business and Economics (SoBE) Student Associate program is designed for a select group of business students to help us enhance the student experience on and off campus during the fall semester 2021. We are looking for SoBE's Student Associates (SSAs) in these three roles - Social Media, Events, and SoBE Graduate Programs.

The SSAs in the role of social media will provide key insights into life at SoBE and will tell stories that appeal to the entire TRU community. This role will essentially act as “online tour guides” for both SoBE undergraduate and graduate students. You will produce engaging content on SoBE’s social media pages that highlights opportunities available for business students. The SoBE Student Associates will ensure that not only the students' voices are heard, but also the SoBE brand is being recognized.

The SSAs who focus on SoBE events will provide key support during SoBE events and work towards the holistic development and welfare of SoBE students. These events include orientation, Celebration of Success, networking events and various other SoBE functions. This role will assist us with event logistics, creating and implementing on-site attendee experience strategy, and maintaining communication with volunteers and other relevant parties. The SoBE Student Associates will ensure our events and functions are engaging and memorable.

The Graduate Program SSAs will provide support for both roles listed above.

The SSA program is great for business students who want to develop and utilize their digital marketing skills and event management skills, while also making a positive difference in the SoBE community. We encourage students with a strong academic record, critical thinking skills, communication skills, organizational skills, interpersonal skills, and leadership skills. Upon completion of the program, SoBE Student Support Associate will receive a financial award, and gain professional skills that will aid them in the future.

Previous SoBE Student Support Associate

Shantanu Gupta

Shantanu Gupta

Shantanu returned as a SoBE Ambassador for the Winter 2021 semester. He is a second-year Post-Baccalaureate in Marketing student who is passionate about creating content and social media. He believes in social media’s power to build community, saying that “it paves the way to learning and empowerment of people across continents.”

Shantanu’s best advice for peers is to always learn, unlearn (if needed), stress less about the future and focus on short-term goals to achieve your dreams. Aside from being a SoBE Ambassador, he is also the co-president of the TRU Modern Marketing Association and if we were all on campus, you’d find him at the TRUSU building or trekking around campus taking photos.

You can connect with Shantanu on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Facebook.

Anthea Mafasitera

Anthea Mafasitera

Daring and determined, Anthea is working through her final year of her Bachelor of Business Administration at TRU, majoring in Finance and minoring in Marketing. She has a passion for blogging and wants to empower students learning virtually by sharing information about SoBE in a fun way while weaving in her own experiences. She was also previously involved in the Toastmasters Society and TRUSU student caucus.

Anthea loves interacting with students from all walks of life because she believes in learning from other peoples’ experiences. Her advice to SoBE students, especially now, is “to continue collaborating and strengthening their networks because these connections will be essential in the future.”

Normally, you would find Anthea at Tim Hortons grabbing a coffee with peers or studying in the House of Learning, on the fourth floor. For now, get to know her on her blog, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Gaurav Mishra

Gaurav Mishra

Gaurav is excited about making new friends and professional connections. A second-year Post-Baccalaureate in Marketing student, Gaurav is interested in building skills in brand management, research, and storytelling.

Gaurav’s advice to his peers is: "Always welcome new challenges as it's when we are tested that we can rise, push through, and come out the other side stronger and braver."

He has also been involved in TRU Intramurals Volleyball and the TRU Toastmasters club.

While normally, you would find Gaurav on campus attending events, playing volleyball or cricket at the TRU gymnasium, or reading somewhere on the beautiful TRU Campus, now you can find him online at events like SoBE’s Learn with Leaders series, and on Instragram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Jordin Wilkinson

Jordin Wilkinson

Jordin is in her second year of the Master of Business Administration program and a member of the Wolfpack women’s basketball team. This winter, she’ll be helping to lead some events with SoBE to elevate her knowledge of and experience with brand endorsement and marketing, as well as expand her network in Kamloops and at TRU while helping other students do the same. A highly motivated individual, Jordin aims to bring creative and critical ideas that translate into exciting and interactive events for students and faculty.

If she were on campus, you’d find Jordin in line at Starbucks or at her second home–The Tournament Capital Centre. Her advice for students during this time is to “take care of yourself…and make sure you are still making time for activities that make you feel good!” She finds exercise an excellent way to de-stress after a long day of classes.

You can connect with Jordin on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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