Certified Aboriginal Financial Manager (CAFM)

Preferred Course Provider

TRU is the Preferred Course Provider of online courses for the CAFM Diploma program. The equivalent online courses at TRU include:

CAFM CoursesEquivalent TRU Online Courses
Certificate Level
CAFM 1 – Financial Accounting Fundamentals ACCT 2211
CAFM 2 – Business Communications ENGL 1101 and CMNS 1291
CAFM 3 – Aboriginal Business Law BLAW 2911
CAFM 4 – Strategy and Decisions No equivalent
CAFM 5 – Values and Ethics in the Aboriginal Workplace No equivalent
CAFM 6 – Aboriginal History and Developments No equivalent
Diploma Level
CAFM 7 – Managing Information Systems MIST 2611
CAFM 8 – Micro and Macro Economics ECON 1901 and ECON 1951
CAFM 9 – Financial Accounting: Assets ACCT 3201
CAFM 10 – Financial Accounting: Liabilities and Equities ACCT 3211
CAFM 11 – Business Quantitative Analysis MATH 1071 and ECON 2321
CAFM 12 – Management Accounting ACCT 2541
CAFM 13 – Corporate Finance Fundamentals FNCE 2121
CAFM 14 – Aboriginal Human and Fiscal Issues No equivalent

All CAFM Diploma students must complete CAFM 4, 5, 6, and 14 online with AFOA Canada. The remaining courses in the program are not delivered by AFOA Canada and equivalent courses must be taken at other colleges and universities either on campus or through online delivery. CAFM 3 – Aboriginal Business Law is the only CAFM course that can be taken either through AFOA Canada or with another educational institution.

Laddering opportunities

Students who graduate with the CAFM Diploma and a minimum grade of 65% (C+) in each course will be able to apply for admission to the Bachelor of Business Administration (on campus), Bachelor of Commerce (online) or Bachelor of Public Administration (online) at TRU.

These degrees are all 40 courses (120 credits) in length. Students admitted under an AFOA-TRU articulation agreement will be given advanced standing for 17 courses (51 credits) and can complete any of the degrees with just 23 additional courses (69 credits).

Also, any courses completed at other post-secondary institutions that were not used to meet the requirements of the AFOA Diploma can be assessed for additional transfer credit at the time of admission.

TRU residency requirements specify that 50% of the credits for the Bachelor of Business Administration (on campus) or 87.5% of the Bachelor of Commerce (online) or the Bachelor of Public Administration (online) may be transferred from another college or institution including credits transferred on the basis of the CAFM Diploma.

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