Business and Economics


Estimated international student tuition 2019-2020

Tuition does not include TRU fees, TRU Student Union fees, or cost of textbooks, and is subject to change.

All tuition fees are quoted in Canadian dollars. The details provided here are for information purposes only and are not an official fee quote. Tuition is subject to change without notice. » Details

Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Year One)
TuitionOn-Campus Study
Semester 1 tuition  (3 courses) $7,000
Semester 2 tuition (3 courses) $7,000
Estimated tuition total Year One $14,000

Students who receive GDBA course waivers will have their total tuition reduced by $2,333.31 per course waived.

Master of Business Administration (Year Two)
TuitionOn-Campus Study
Semester 1 (4 courses) $10,190
Semester 2 (4 courses) $10,190
Semester 3 (4 courses) $10,190
Continuation fee per semester (for thesis and project-stream students requiring more than their 1 semester to complete) $891.65
Estimated tuition total Year Two $30,571