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Why Study the TRU MBA?

Kamloops is one of the friendliest towns in Canada. You will enjoy a welcoming and safe environment for your master's degree. Enhance your skills with an MBA from TRU. We are committed to preparing you to manage effectively in today's complex and rapidly changing business environment.

Starting in September and January of each year, the MBA full-time program can be completed in as little as 12 months. Small class sizes ensure high quality interaction between students and the instructor. The program makes considerable use of the case approach, business simulations, team projects and guest speakers to engage students in the learning process. Global perspectives are incorporated throughout the curriculum and the diversity of our students and faculty further enhance the development of intercultural understanding.

Two-year program

Year 1 Graduate Diploma in Business Administration - two semesters

The purpose of the Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (GDBA) is to ensure all students, regardless of their educational backgrounds, have the business knowledge and skills to successfully apply the economic sustainable management principles learned. Students must complete the six courses in the GDBA to be admitted to the masters degree, but may receive a course waiver for some or all of the GDBA courses based on their previous academic record. Applicants with a four-year business degree from an acceptable institution may be eligible to proceed directly to the masters degree.

BUSN 5010/BUSN 5011-3 Managerial Statistics
BUSN 5020/BUSN 5021-3 Financial Accounting
BUSN 5030/BUSN 5033-3 Management Accounting
BUSN 5040/BUSN 5041-3 Global Economics
BUSN 5050/BUSN 5051-3 Marketing Management
BUSN 5060/BUSN 5061-3 Human Resource Management
Please note: course numbers ending in "1" are online courses.

Students who successfully complete each GDBA course with an overall GPA of  B (3.0) or better can apply to be awarded a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration.

Year Two - MBA - three semesters
MBA core courses
BUSN 6010/BUSN 6011-3 Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
BUSN 6020/BSUN 6021-3 Corporate Finance
BUSN 6030/BUSN 6031-3 International Business
BUSN 6040/BUSN 6041-3 Leadership and Organizational Development
BUSN 6050/BUSN 6051-3 Supply Chain Management
BUSN 6060/BUSN 6061-3 Strategic Management Information Systems
BUSN 6070/BUSN 6071-3 Project Management and Consulting Methods
BUSN 6080/BUSN 6081-3 Strategic Management
Please note: course numbers ending in "1" are online courses
MBA completion options — choose one
  • Course-based option
    • Advanced marketing management
    • Advanced corporate finance
    • Decision analysis and modelling
    • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Graduate project option *
    • Research methods, preparation and presentation
    • Graduate project
  • Graduate thesis option *
    • Research methods, preparation and presentation
    • Graduate thesis

*Once in the MBA program, students can apply for thesis or project option of completion.  Students are required to find their own supervisor - Graduate Studies has a listing of approved supervisors.

Accelerated One-Year Program

Applicants who hold a recent, acceptable undergraduate degree in business or commerce may qualify for admission directly into the second year of the MBA program. To qualify for the accelerated option, specific undergraduate pre-requisite courses must have been recently completed with a minimum B grade in each course. Please note that graduates of three-year degrees in business or commerce will not generally qualify to be accepted to the accelerated option.

Pre-requisite courses list
ECON 1900-3 Principles of Microeconomics Course Outline
ECON 1950-3 Principles of Macroeconomics Course Outline
ACCT 2210-3 Financial Accounting Course Outline
ACCT 2250-3 Management Accounting Course Outline
ECON 2320-3 Economics and Business Statistics 1 Course Outline
ECON 2330-3 Economics and Business Statistics 2 Course Outline
MKTG 2430-3 Introduction to Marketing Course Outline
ORGB 2810-3 Organizational Behaviour Course Outline
HRMN 2820-3 Introduction to Human Resource Management Course Outline

* Equivalent courses taken at other approved educational institutions may be substituted. To receive a waiver, an official course outline (not just a course description) must be submitted for review unless a pre-approved equivalency has been established.