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 What is the duration of the full-time MBA program?

The MBA program requires five semesters (20 months) for completion, however, all required program credits need to be completed within 7 years from the date of admission. Students who hold a business degree from a recognized institution may qualify for our accelerated MBA option which can be completed in three semesters (12 months)

Online students: If you are an online full-time student, you can complete your program in the same duration as the on campus program (five semesters) or take longer, suiting your needs. The only thing to keep in mind is that online part-time students must complete all their courses within seven years of their start date.

 What is the schedule for tuition payment instalments?

Fees are paid per semester. See information on specific payment deadlines.

 What other costs should I expect to pay during the program?

MBA students are required to have a laptop computer. See how other costs can be estimated.

 Do you offer any specializations?

Our MBA program is a general MBA and does not offer a specific specialization; however, the thesis and project options can be used to explore a topic in depth if desired.


 How much time does it take to hear back on my application?

Applications are typically processed within four to six weeks of receiving all required information. This may take longer during peak application periods.

 Is work experience a requirement for the application?

Work experience is beneficial but not required.

 What is the fastest way to send in my application?
 I am interested in the program — how can I speak to an advisor?

You can email, call or mail us. Here are the details.

 Where can I get information about jobs on-campus and off-campus (part-time/full-time)?

For support with your job search please visit Work on Campus.

 I have been accepted — what's next?
  • Complete the Acceptance of Offer form and return it to
  • Pay your tuition fees/deposit as outlined in your Letter of Acceptance.
  • Inform when you have made the fee payment.
  • Register for your courses, once you have received a registration package by email from the MBA office.
  • Become familiar with TRU policies and regulations:
    • Attend program specific orientation.
    • Attend campus-wide orientation and complete the New Student Checklist.