Business and Economics

Tuition and Funding

Estimated domestic student tuition — 2020-21

Tuition does not include TRU fees, TRU Student Union fees, or cost of textbooks, and is subject to change.

5000-level courses (Year one)
TuitionOn-campus studyOnline study
Semester 1 (3 courses) $4,134.96 $4,134.96
Semester 2 (3 courses) $4,134.96 $4,134.96
Estimated tuition total for Year One $8,269.92 $8,269.92

Students who receive 5000-level course waivers will only pay for the number of required courses. The cost of one 3-credit 5000-level course is $1,378.32.

6000-level courses (Year Two/Accelerated)
TuitionOn-campus studyOnline study
Semester 1  (4 courses) $7,582.68 $7,582.68
Semester 2 (4 courses) $7,582.68 $7,582.68
Semester 3 (4 courses) $7,582.68 $7,582.68
Estimated tuition total for Year Two $22,748.04 $22,748.04

Continuation fee per semester (for thesis and project-stream students requiring more than 1 semester to complete) $663.49/semester.

Part-time Study
TuitionOn-campus studyOnline study
Tuition fee per 5000-level 3-credit course $1,378.32 $1,378.32
Tuition fee per 6000-level 3-credit course $1,895.67 $1,895.67

The details provided here are for information purposes only and are not an official fee quote. They do not include general fees or the cost of textbooks and are subject to change without notice.


TRU MBA Entrance Scholarships

These awards are available for domestic applicants to the TRU MBA program. They will be awarded to applicants who show exceptional promise for success in and after their MBA studies and who enroll in a full-time course load. Recipients will be selected based on their application for admission to the MBA program and will be notified by the program.

Donor awards available for MBA students

  • Chartered Financial Analysts of the Okanagan Award
  • Ken Lepin Prize of Business Excellence Entrepreneur and Communication (MBA)
  • Ken Lepin Research Graduate Student Award
  • Outstanding Part-Time MBA Student Award

For more information on the above awards, please search the Awards Guide.

Lifelong Learning Plan

The Lifelong Learning Plan allows you to withdraw amounts from your registered retirement savings plan to finance full-time training or education for you or your spouse or common-law partner. For more information, please visit the Government of Canada website.

Government loans and grants

For information on student financial assistance, please visit TRU Student Awards & Financial Aid.