Business and Economics

Research Supervisors

Full Graduate Instructor/SupervisorResearch Area
Dr. Hasnat Dewan Banking crisis
Sustainable development
Human development
Environmental and natural resource economics
Urban and regional economics
Poverty and inequality
Dr. James Gaisford International trade and the environment including:
(a) international aspects of climate change policy,
(b) how international trade affects the environment, and
(c) how international trade agreements and international environmental agreements fit (or do not fit) together
Dr. Belayet Hossain Non-profit sector
Public policy
Aboriginal issues
Public finance
Women empowerment
Micro finance
Consumer behaviour
Dr. Laura Lamb Sustainable community economic development
Public policy
Aboriginal economic issues
Environmental participation
Dr. Ehsan Latif Socio economic determinants of health and obesity
Economics of aging such as labor supply of older population and retirement
Economics of immigration
Economics of energy
Economics of happiness and well-being
Economic education
Dr. Stan Miles Symbolic regression
Scholarship of teaching and learning
Dr. Muhammad Mohiuddins Global value chain and its implications for emerging countries
Offshore outsourcing and knowledge transfer
CSR in international supply chain management
Emerging country multinational (ECMs) and their internationalization process
Luxury products in emerging countries
Dr. Hafiz Rahman Public policy
Local government decision-making
Aboriginal issues
Dr. Joel Wood Environmental economics
Environmental policy
Air pollution
Climate change
Gas taxes
Public policy
Dr. Peter Tsigaris Environmental economics
Climate change

Associate Graduate Instructor/SupervisorResearch Area
Dr. Salvador Barragan Gender and diversity
Leadership and organizational culture
Nancy Carson Applied microeconomics
Dr. Salman Kimiagari Renewable energy
Sustainable development
International trade and environment
Economics of energy
Global value chain