Business and Economics


All applicants who meet the entrance requirements will have their educational background reviewed by the admissions committee to determine placement in the two-year MEEM program, the two-year MScEEM program, the one-year MEEM program or the one-year MScEEM program. Individual course waivers at the GDBA level may also be granted at the committee's discretion.

Placement in the one-year MEEM program is highly selective and generally only granted to recent graduates of recognized business degrees completed in North America.

To be admitted to the MEEM program or the MScEEM program, you should meet the following requirements:

Educational requirements

  • An acceptable three or four-year undergraduate degree in any discipline with a minimum B average (GPA of 3.0 on a scale of 4.33 or local equivalent) in the last 60 credits; and
  • Successfully completed each course in the GDBA with a minimum overall GPA of 3.00 or receive a course waiver for some or all of the GDBA courses based on their previous academic record. Applicants with a 4-year business degree from an acceptable institution may be eligible to proceed directly to the MEEM program.

Language requirement

Applicants who did not complete their undergraduate degree at an English language university in a country where English is the primary language should have:

  • A minimum TOEFL score of 587 with a TWE of 5.0 or higher (paper-based test), or minimum score of 94 with no section below 20 (IBT), or
  • A minimum academic IELTS score of 7.0 (with no band below 6.5), or
  • Completion of TRU ENGL 1100 or 1101 and CMNS 1290 or 1291 with a B or higher

Program readiness requirement

Applicants should be favourably assessed for maturity, motivation and communication skills through an interview; a personal written statement of purpose of study; and two letters of reference from academics or professionals.

Quantitative and computing skills requirement

Applicants should possess adequate quantitative skills assessed through successful completion of specific undergraduate courses in quantitative subjects. Applicants should also have adequate computing skills which include having a strong background in word processing, presentation and spreadsheet software. Those deemed to be deficient in these areas may be accepted conditionally, but must undertake other approved developmental activities prior to commencement of the program to upgrade their skills.