Business and Economics

Bridge to Business

Bridge to Business is a new initiative in the School of Business and Economics.

This program enhances the experience and knowledge gained in the classroom by graduate students with experiential learning opportunities and complimentary resources. It develops the leadership, professional and foundational skills of graduate students while improving collaborative relationships within the Kamloops business community.


Collaboration between TRU departments


30+ experiential learning opportunities


Local businesses engaged in learning


Outreach students improving community


Certification presented by the dean


24+ unique professional development offerings

Expand your network

Network with SoBE's best and brightest graduate students and influential community business leaders, and get to know the business and economics faculty and staff in a more meaningful way.

Earn your certificate

Students complete experiential learning opportunities in the leadership, professional and foundational skill categories. Badges are awarded as requirements in each category are met. Once you earn all eight badges, you are awarded the Bridge to Business Certificate, signed by the Dean of the School of Business and Economics.


  • The Bridge to Business is for SoBE graduate students (MBA, MEEM, MScEEM) only
  • The Bridge to Business is free and voluntary
  • Bridge to Business is modular, and expected to be completed in pieces over several semesters. Students can earn their certificates in as little as one year.
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