Business and Economics


Ehsan Latif

Chair / Professor

  • PhD: Department of Economics, University of Manitoba
  • MA (International Development): International University of Japan
  • MSS (Economics): University of Dhaka
  • BSS (Hons.) in Economics: University of Dhaka
Ehsan Latif

Faculty members in Economics conduct research in wide varieties of areas. However, major research thrusts lie in environmental economics, natural resource economics and environmental sustainability. Other areas of research include health economics and public policy, labor economics, development economics, scholarship of teaching and learning, economics of law and aboriginal economics. An emerging area of research focus is scholarly publishing.

Department Faculty List
Ehsan Latif Chair, Professor 250-377-6026 IB2052
Charles Anaere Continuing Sessional Lecturer 250-377-6157 OM1241Y
Nancy Carson Senior Lecturer 250-377-6059 IB2050
Peter Dalley Continuing Sessional Lecturer 250-371-5770 OM1241C
Hasnat Dewan Professor 250-371-5986 IB2043
James Gaisford Professor 250-852-7665 IB2001
Solomon Geleta    Sessional Lecturer    250-828-5222 IB2021
Belayet Hossain Professor 250-377-6058 IB2020
Laura Lamb Professor 250-852-6277 IB2024
Mohammad Mahbobi Principal Lecturer 250-377-6145 OM3779
Stan Miles Associate Professor 250-371-5876 OM3755
Cesare Ortiz-Moya Sessional Lecturer 778-471-8479 OM1241B
Derek Pyne Associate Professor 250-852-7289 OM3793B
Hafiz Rahman Associate Professor 250-371-5755 OM3785
Zena Seldon Emeritus Professor 250-828-5222 IB2021
Meng Sun Lecturer 250-828-5422 IB2053
Peter Tsigaris Professor 250-371-5732 IB2005
Joel Wood Associate Professor 250-371-5583 IB2008