Business and Economics

Accounting and Finance

Bernie Warren

Interim Chair / Senior Lecturer

Certified Google Analytics designation
Award of Achievement in Digital Analytics from UBC/UCLA
Post Graduate Diploma in Internet Marketing, University of British Columbia
Masters of Engineering: Management Science, University of Waterloo
Bachelor of Science Forestry and Wood Science: University of Toronto
Candidate for Project Management Professional (PMP)

Department Faculty List
Bernie Warren Chair, Senior Lecturer 250-371-5936 IB2016
Rob Anderson Senior Lecturer 250-371-5506 IB2014
Kai Bauman Lecturer 250-371-5503 IB2009
Tony Bell Senior Lecturer 250-377-6092 OM3791
Robin Bhattachary Sessional Lecturer 250-828-5222 IB2021
Jay Chaudhry Sessional Lecturer 250-828-5222 IB2021
Ivan Desjardins Senior Lecturer 250-828-5233 IB2012
Marc Dubord Sessional Lecturer 250-828-5222 IB2021
Jeff Kent Sessional Lecturer 250-828-5222 IB2021
Randall Kimmel Associate Professor 250-852-7664 IB2015
Peggy McKimmon Senior Lecturer (on leave) 250-828-5222 IB2021
Jana Noskova Lecturer 778-471-8467 OM3761
Dan Pan Sessional Lecturer 250-828-5222 IB2021
Wayne Singular Lecturer 250-377-6176 OM3779
Adina Gray Continuing Sessional Lecturer 250-828-5490 OM1241
Yong Joo Kang Assistant Professor 250-828-5398 IB2060
Alex Ng Associate Professor 250-852-6397 OM3783
Zubair Raja Lecturer 250-828-5447 OM3793A
Dan Thompson Principal Lecturer (sabbatical July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020) 250-828-5078 OM3787
Li Zhang Assistant Professor 250-371-5612 IB2018
Hardeep Chahal Sessional Lecturer 250-828-5222 IB2021
David Hughes Sessional Lecturer 250-828-5222 IB2021
John O'Fee Lecturer 250-371-5560 IB2011
Ryan Scorgie Continuing Sessional Lecturer 778-471-8384 OM1241