Business and Economics

Accounting and Finance

Tony Bell

Chair / Associate Teaching Professor

  • MBA Thompson Rivers University
  • CA Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • BBA Simon Fraser University
Tony Bell

The Accounting, Finance and Law Department is responsible for over 130 sections of courses covering diplomas, degrees, post baccalaureates and the MBA. We are a professionally focused department comprised of Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA), Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA), Finance Researchers and Professional Lawyers. We have a mix of teaching and research faculty. The research faculty are typically in the finance area, whereas the teaching faculty are mostly from the accounting and legal fields.

To keep our course content current and relevant to the various professional certification bodies requires substantial continuing education and research. These include things like professional workshops on writing legal briefs, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), International and Canadian tax laws, etc. In addition to these ongoing workshops our faculty have produced a series of published teaching cases and traditional academic publications.

Department Faculty List
Tony Bell Chair, Associate Teaching Professor 250-377-6092 OM3791
Siena Aberdeen    Sessional Lecturer 250-828-5222 IB2021
Rob Anderson Associate Teaching Professor 250-371-5506 IB2014
Kai Bauman Assistant Teaching Professor 250-371-5504 IB2009
Ivan Desjardins Associate Teaching Professor 250-828-5233 IB2012
Marc Dubord Sessional Lecturer 250-828-5222 IB2021
Michael Hays    Sessional Lecturer 250-828-5222 IB2021
Mackenzie Kanigan Sessional Lecturer 250-828-5222 IB2021
Jeff Kent Sessional Lecturer 250-828-5222 IB2021
Randall Kimmel Associate Professor 250-852-7664 IB2015
Peggy McKimmon    Associate Teaching Professor  (on leave)       contact by email
Jana Noskova Assistant Teaching Professor 778-471-8467 OM3761
Dan Pan Sessional Lecturer 250-828-5222 IB2021
Wayne Singular Assistant Teaching Professor 250-377-6176 OM3779
Robin Bhattachary    Sessional Lecturer 250-828-5222 IB2021
Adina Gray University Instructor 250-828-5490 OM1241J
Yong Joo Kang Assistant Professor 250-828-5398 IB2060
Alex Ng Professor 250-852-6397 OM3783
Zubair Raja Assistant Teaching Professor 250-3715575 OM3793A
Dan Thompson Teaching Professor (sabbatical July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020) 250-828-5078 OM3787
Li Zhang Assistant Professor 250-371-5612 IB2018
Hardeep Chahal Sessional Lecturer 250-828-5222 IB2021
David Hughes Sessional Lecturer 250-828-5222 IB2021
John O'Fee Assistant Teaching Professor 250-371-5560 IB2011
Ryan Scorgie University Instructor 778-471-8384 OM1241i