Business and Economics

CFA Designation

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Designation
PLAR Assessment *Under Review*

TRU Course CFA Level
ECON 1900/1: Principles of Microeconomics Level I
ECON 1950/1: Principles of Macroeconomics Level I
ECON 2320:  Economics and Business Statistics 1 or
STAT 1201:  Introduction to Probability and Statistics
Level I
ECON 2330/1: Economics and Business Statistics 2 Level II
ACCT 2210/1: Financial Accounting Level II
FNCE 2120 / FNCE 2121: Financial Management Level I
FNCE 3120: Finance Level I
FNCE 3140: Financial Statement Analysis Level II
FNCE 3150/1: Portfolio and Equity Analysis Level II
FNCE 3170/1: Fixed Income and Alternative Investments Level II
FNCE 3180: Derivative Securities Level II
FNCE 4110: Advanced Financial Management for Accountants Level II
FNCE 4120: Business Valuation and Restructuring Level II
FNCE 4130: Advanced Financial Management Level II
FNCE 4140: Personal Financial Management Level III
FNCE 4160: Advanced Portfolio Management Level III
FNCE 4180: International Financial Management Level III
FNCE 4190: Financial Institutions Management Level III
BUSN 5010/1: Managerial Statistics Completed designation
BUSN 5020/1: Financial Accounting Completed designation
BUSN 5040/1: Global Economics Completed designation
BUSN 6020/1: Corporate Finance Completed designation
BUSN 6210/1: Advanced Corporate Finance Completed designation