Business and Economics

Bachelor of Business Administration

The BBA provides students with a demanding and engaging learning experience. In Years 1 and 2, they receive a strong grounding in the humanities and social sciences as well as the core business or business-related subjects.

In Years 3 and 4, students complete the core including the capstone course in business strategy in their final semester. Students also specialize in one of the functional areas of business. These majors prepare students to pursue a professional designation after graduation and provide the extensive course work needed to meet the competencies established by the profession. Students interested in economics can also specialize in that discipline, or those who want to take a variety of courses from different business disciplines or economics can choose the General BBA.

During their studies, students receive quality instruction from accomplished academics and business practitioners who engage in scholarship to remain current in their fields. Case studies, class presentations, guest speakers, field trips, company reports, simulations, and business competitions are used extensively to enhance the student’s learning experience.

In Years 3 and 4, students can also go on an international exchange for a semester; take a minor in another business field or the arts or sciences; pursue the Cooperative Education Option; participate in service learning; take a directed studies or selected topics course; or complete an Honours Degree.

To ensure graduate success, a rigorous assurance of learning system has been established where student performance is benchmarked against specific learning goals and objectives. Feedback from this process as well as employers and professional groups is invaluable in maintaining the quality of the degree.

Hard work is not without its rewards. Job prospects for BBA graduates are very good and students have the potential to rise quickly in position and salary if they apply themselves at work. A student’s future is a bright one if they enroll in the BBA.