Business and Economics

Vision, Mission, and Value Statements


To be recognized as a leading business school in British Columbia known for multi-modal delivery of quality business and economics education that is "global in perspective and accessible by design."


The School is dedicated to the design and delivery of quality undergraduate and graduate business and economics programs that enable learners to achieve their full potential and be recognized in the workplace and community for their excellence, dedication, and integrity.

Core Values

Learner centredness

The School promotes a supportive and engaging environment where students acquire a passion for knowledge and the ability to learn independently, work collaboratively and communicate effectively. We strive to develop analytical, innovative, integrative and critical decision-makers who apply what they have learned in a dynamic, global workplace.

Passion for scholarship and development

The School encourages the intellectual contributions of students and faculty in the areas of basic, applied and teaching and learning scholarship. Professional and teaching development is also recognized as vital to the learning process.

Life-long learning, inclusivity and accessibility

The School is dedicated to serving the life-long educational needs of regional, national, international and aboriginal learners through inclusive and accessible programs.

Ethics, social responsibility and sustainability

The School recognizes the importance of students, faculty and administrators being ethically and socially responsible and committed to community service while valuing sustainability in their decision-making roles.

Integrity, collegiality and diversity

The School values a diverse learning environment where students, faculty and administrators display a high level of academic and personal integrity and work together collaboratively displaying mutual respect for the varying views and cultural perspectives of others.

Commitment to excellence

The School supports innovation, effective resource management, quality service and continuous improvement in all aspects of its academic and administrative operations.