Business and Economics

Strategic Plan

The School of Business and Economics’ Strategic Plan 2018-2022 outlines its history, vision, mission, and value statements.


A chronological account of the evolution of the organization from its inception to its current strategic positioning.


We aspire to be the School of Business and Economics that connects the British Columbia interior to the world through experiential education and high-quality research.


We are committed to providing high quality global business and economics education and research. We prepare regional, national and international learners to excel in both their workplaces and communities.

Value statements


We value:

  • Excellence in teaching
  • Excellence in research
  • Experiential learning through our Bridge to business program
  • Community engagement (two-way engagement between the community and the school)
  • Collaboration

We are committed to:

  • Academic integrity
  • Accountability
  • Challenging ourselves and our students
  • Ethical behavior
  • Hard work
  • Effective engagement

We respect:

  • Each other and our differences
  • The community
  • The environment