Business and Economics

Strategic Plan

The School of Business and Economics’ Strategic Plan 2013-2018 outlines its history, vision, mission, core values, strategic goals, actions, metrics and targets.


A chronological account of the evolution of the organization from its inception to its current strategic positioning.


An inspirational future image of an organization that is specific and attainable and supports its mission. The vision of an organization will change over time.


An organization’s underlying purpose that never changes.

Core Values

Basic principles that guide decision making and are deeply felt by all members of an organization.

Strategic Goals

General plans, each with a common theme, that are undertaken to accomplish an organization’s vision and support its mission.


Specific steps an organization undertakes to achieve a specific strategic goal.

Metrics and Targets

Measures and corresponding benchmarks that determine an organization's progress in accomplishing its strategic goals and serve as a basis for furture actions.