About the Games

Theme: Open Insight

Each year a new and engaging theme is chosen for the event. This year’s theme is social innovation with a focus on health. Social innovation, according to Stanford Graduate School of Business, is “a novel solution to a social problem that is more effective, efficient, sustainable, or just than current solutions.” The goal of social innovation is to find innovative ways to address environmental, education, health, community development and working condition challenges facing society.

“Open Insight” encourages individuals and future leaders to expand their horizon and to find innovative approaches to solving day-to-day social issues found around us; it is the motivation to think and act towards social innovation. It also represents the need for all of us to take social problems seriously through compassionate understanding of the needs of others.

Charity partner

CMHA logo

Consistent with our theme, we are partnering with the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) as the charity for the games. CMHA is a national charity that helps maintain and improve mental health for all Canadians. With more than 10,000 staff and volunteers in more than 100 community locations across Canada, CMHA provides vital services and support to well over half a million Canadians every year. As a nation-wide, voluntary organization, the Canadian Mental Health Association promotes the mental health of all and supports the resilience and recovery of people experiencing mental illness. The CMHA accomplishes this mission through advocacy, education, research and service.

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Our mission

The BC MBA Games 2017 will foster community integration with an increased awareness of socially innovative ways of overcoming everyday challenges.

When and where

The 2017 BC MBA Games takes place Oct. 20-22, 2017, at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops.

Team composition

A maximum selection of 24 students and two coaches per team.