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Mentorship Program

Open to Grade 10-12 athletes only

This 10-week program is offered exclusively to athletes who are interested in pursuing their dreams of playing at the next level. This program offers athletes an inside edge into a university training program. The program will expose athletes to multiple on court workout sessions (2 times) per week as well as (two times) off court session with the university athlete.

Athletes will be mentored by their university player who will communicate drills and various work out exercises in order to further their individual skill development at an extremely intense level. It is expected that the athletes will rise to their highest potential, both physically and mentally, by pushing their abilities. The mentoring and environment that will be created extends far beyond the court, as the intention is to foster and develop the athletes overall basketball experience in addition to the understanding that basketball is a tool to be used in the game of life.

There are a number of different coaches that are available - allowing all positions, ages, and sexes to participate in the program. The emphasis and importance in determining which university athlete will be best suited to train the athlete is crucial in the goal of placing the athlete in a group to achieve their maximal development. Thus, there is an application process to determine which group the athlete will be placed with. Spots will be very limited based on the athlete's commitment and coach's availability.

Cost and registration

The cost for the Mentorship is $300 for Sept to December. Please complete and mail the sign-up form.