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For more information contact Scott Clark at sclark@tru.ca or 250-852-7229

Program Overview

The TRU Men’s Basketball Academy is a skills development program run in conjunction with Basketball BC and the RTC program for boys entering grades 6-11. All sessions are at TCC.

The program will span a number weekends with a total of 40 hours provided to male high school basketball players.

This program is designed to be intense and challenge participants to develop in all aspects of the sport of basketball as well as to develop each individual’s personal capacity as a positive member of society.

Boys interested must attend the tryout session for their age group and successfully display a baseline skill set that would allow them to successfully train and compete in the program.

If successfully chosen, athletes will need to pay $425. This tuition covers the entire cost of the program and includes a reversible jersey, WolfPack t-shirt, and a Basketball BC membership for each participant.

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Coaching Staff

The Head Coach of the program is Vlad Iegorov, Assistant Coach TRU.

Associate Coaches are Scott Clark, Head Coach of TRU Men’s Basketball and Andrew Kaban (former professional player), Assistant Coach of TRU Men’s Basketball.

Assistant Coaches include former TRU varsity athletes and current assistant coaches Derek Rhodes, as well as other high profile Kamloops high school basketball coaches.

Program dates

Sunday, Sept. 10 Tryouts (Free)
   • Grades 6-8 10am - 12pm
   • Grades 9-11 12pm - 2pm
Sunday, Sept. 17 10am - 2pm
Sunday, Sept. 24 8am - 11am
Sunday, Oct 1 10am - 2pm
Sunday, Oct. 8 3pm - 7pm
Sunday, Oct. 15 10am - 2pm
Sunday, Oct 22 10am - 2pm
Sunday, Oct 29 10am - 2pm
Sunday Nov 5 10am - 2pm
Sunday Nov 19 10am - 2pm

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