Schedule & Results

Women's Soccer Schedule

* 17-Aug-18Wenatchee College Wenachee, WA12:00 pm
* 18-Aug-18Clark College Pasco, WA2:00 pm
* 18-Aug-18Columbia Basin College Pasco, WA6:00 pm
* 23-Aug-18Douglas College RoyalsHillside StadiumKamloops, BC10:00 am
* , 4:00 pm
8-Sep-18MacEwan GriffinsHillside StadiumKamloops, BC1:00 pm
9-Sep-18UNBC TimberwolvesHillside StadiumKamloops, BC1:00 pm
15-Sep-18Alberta PandasEdmonton, AB12:00 pm
16-Sep-18Mount Royal CougarsCalgary, AB11:00 am
21-Sep-18Victoria VikesVictoria, BC5:00 pm
22-Sep-18UBC ThunderbirdsThunderbird StadiumVancouver, BC5:30 pm
29-Sep-18Trinity Western SpartansHillside StadiumKamloops, BC1:00 pm
30-Sep-18UFV CascadesHillside StadiumKamloops, BC1:00 pm
4-Oct-18UBCO HeatHillside StadiumKamloops, BC6:00 pm
6-Oct-18UBCO HeatNonis FieldKelowna, BC1:00 pm
13-Oct-18Winnipeg WesmenHillside StadiumKamloops, BC11:00 am
14-Oct-18Manitoba BisonsHillside StadiumKamloops, BC1:00 pm
19-Oct-18UNBC TimberwolvesMaisch PlacePrince George, BC6:00 pm
21-Oct-18MacEwan GriffinsEdmonton, AB12:00 pm
26-Oct-18 CW Playin, 4:00 pm
27-Oct-18 CW QF, 4:00 pm
1-Nov-18 CW Final4, 4:00 pm
8-Nov-18 USPORTS NationalsWinnipeg, MB4:00 pm

Men's Soccer Schedule

* 10-Aug-18UBCO vs TRU 1 Hillside StadiumKamloops, BC7:00 pmW 2-1
* 10-Aug-18UNBC1 vs Kamloops All-stars Hillside StadiumKamloops, BC9:00 pmT 0-0
* 11-Aug-18UBCO vs Langara Hillside StadiumKamloops, BC12:00 pmL 1-2
* 11-Aug-18UNBC2 vs Kamloops All-Stars Hillside StadiumKamloops, BC2:00 pmW 2-1
* 11-Aug-18TRU 1 vs UNBC 1 Hillside StadiumKamloops, BC4:00 pmL 1-2
* 12-Aug-18TRU1 vs Langara Hillside StadiumKamloops, BC9:00 amcancelled poor air
* 12-Aug-18UBCO vs UNBC2 Hillside StadiumKamloops, BC11:00 amcancelled poor air
* 12-Aug-18UNBC1 vs Kamloops All-Stars Hillside StadiumKamloops, BC1:00 pmcancelled poor air
* 18-Aug-18Douglas College RoyalsUBCOKelowna, BC4:00 pm
* 19-Aug-18UBCO HeatUBCOKelowna, BC4:00 pm
* 20-Aug-18Penticton Pinnacles U-18Penticton, BC4:00 pm
25-Aug-18University of Fraser Valley CascadesHillside StadiumKamloops, BC1:00 pm
26-Aug-18Trinity Western SpartansHillside StadiumKamloops, BC1:00 pm
31-Aug-18UBCO HeatHillside StaduimKamloops, BC7:00 pm
2-Sep-18UBCO HeatNonis FieldKelowna, BC3:00 pm
7-Sep-18UBC ThunderbirdsThunderbird StadiumVancouver, BC6:30 pm
8-Sep-18UVIC VikesVictoria, BC7:15 pm
15-Sep-18Calgary DinosCalgary, AB2:00 pm
21-Sep-18Alberta Golden BearsHillside StadiumKamloops, BC4:00 pm
22-Sep-18Mount Royal CougarsHillside StadiumKamloopsBC, BC2:00 pm
28-Sep-18Trinity Western SpartansLangley, BC7:15 pm
29-Sep-18UFV CascadesAbbotsford, BC6:30 pm
6-Oct-18UNBC TimberwolvesMasich PlaceKamloops, BC1:00 pm
7-Oct-18UNBC TimberwolvesMasich PlaceKamloops, BC1:00 pm
20-Oct-18UVIC VikesHillside StadiumKamloops, BC1:00 pm
21-Oct-18UBC ThunderbirdsHillside StadiumKamloops, BC1:00 pm
26-Oct-18 CW Playin, 4:00 pm
27-Oct-18 CW Final4VancouverBC, 4:00 pm
8-Nov-18 USPORTS NationalsVancouverBC, 4:00 pm
, 4:00 pm
, 4:00 pm
, 4:00 pm

Women's Volleyball Schedule

DateTeamLocationCityTimeScoreSet Scores
* 13-Sep-18MacEwan EdmontonAB, AB4:00 pm
* 14-Sep-18Alberta Edmonton, AB4:00 pm
* 15-Sep-18MacEwan Edmonton, AB4:00 pm
* 21-Sep-18Intersquad TCCKamloops, BC4:00 pm
* 28-Sep-18UBCO,UBC, Alberta, Mount Royal,MacEwan TCCKamloops, BC4:00 pm
* 29-Sep-18UBCO,UBC, Alberta, Mount Royal,MacEwan TCCKamloops, BC4:00 pm
* 30-Sep-18UBCO,UBC, Alberta, Mount Royal,MacEwan TCCKamloops, BC4:00 pm
* 12-Oct-18Best of West Vancouver, BC4:00 pm
* 13-Oct-18Best of West Vancouver, BC4:00 pm
17-Oct-18Calgary DinosJack SimpsonCalgary, AB6:00 pm
20-Oct-18Calgary DinosJack SimpsonCalgary, AB5:00 pm
26-Oct-18UBC ThunderbirdsTCCKamloops, BC6:00 pm
27-Oct-18UBC ThunderbirdsTCCKamloops, BC5:00 pm
9-Nov-18Regina CougarsRegina, SK7:00 pm
10-Nov-18Regina CougarsRegina, SK7:00 pm
16-Nov-18Winnipeg WesmenTCCKamloops, BC5:00 pm
17-Nov-18Winnipeg WesmenTCCKamloops, BC5:00 pm
23-Nov-18MacEwan GriffinsTCCKamloops, BC5:00 pm
24-Nov-18MacEwan GriffinsTCCKamloops, BC6:00 pm
30-Nov-18Alberta PandasEdmonton, AB7:30 pm
1-Dec-18Alberta PandasEdmonton, AB5:00 pm
4-Jan-19Manitoba BisonsWinnipeg, MB6:00 pm
5-Jan-19Manitoba BisonsWinnipeg, MB5:00 pm
11-Jan-19Mount Royal CougarsTCCKamloops, BC5:00 pm
12-Jan-19Mount Royal CougarsTCCKamloops, BC5:00 pm
18-Jan-19Trinity Western SpartansLECLangley, BC6:00 pm
19-Jan-19Trinity Western SpartansLECLangley, BC5:00 pm
1-Feb-19Brandon BobcatsTCCKamloops, BC5:00 pm
2-Feb-19Brandon BobcatsTCCKamloops, BC5:00 pm
8-Feb-18Saskatchewan HuskiesTCCKamloops, BC5:00 pm
9-Feb-18Saskatchewan HuskiesTCCKamloops, BC5:00 pm
15-Feb-18UBCO HeatFurnaceKelowna, BC6:00 pm
16-Feb-18UBCO HeatFurnaceKelowna, BC5:00 pm
22-Feb-18CW QFTBD, 4:00 pm
1-Mar-18CW SemiTBD, 4:00 pm
7-Mar-18CW FinalTBD, 4:00 pm
14-Mar-18USPORTS ChampsAltaEdmontonAB, 4:00 pm

Men's Volleyball Schedule

DateTeamLocationCityTimeScoreSet Scores
* 21-Sep-18Trinity Western SpartansTCCKamloops, BC4:00 pm
* 22-Sep-18Trinity Western SpartansTCCKamloops, BC4:00 pm
* 28-Sep-18tournament UBCOKelowna, BC4:00 pm
* 29-Sep-18tournament UBCOKelowna, BC4:00 pm
* 4-Oct-18McMaster MauradersHamilton, ON8:00 pm
* 5-Oct-18Laval Rouge et OrLaval, QC7:00 pm
* 6-Oct-18Montreal CaribinsMontreal, QC7:00 pm
* 7-Oct-18Montreal CaribinsMontreal, QC7:00 pm
19-Oct-18Calgary DinosJack SimpsonCalgary, AB7:30 pm
20-Oct-18Calgary DinosJack SimpsonCalgary, AB6:30 pm
26-Oct-18UBC ThunderbirdsTCCKamloops, BC6:45 pm
27-Oct-18UBC ThunderbirdsTCCKamloops, BC6:45 pm
16-Nov-18Winnipeg WesmenTCCKamloops, BC6:45 pm
17-Nov-18Winnipeg WesmenTCCKamloops, BC6:45 pm
23-Nov-18MacEwan GriffinsTCCKamloops, BC6:45 pm
24-Nov-18MacEwan GriffinsTCCKamloops, BC6:45 pm
30-Nov-18Alberta Golden BearsEdmonton, AB6:00 pm
1-Dec-18Alberta Golden BearsEdmonton, AB6:30 pm
* 27-Dec-18Exhibition TourneyTCCKamloops, BC4:00 pm
11-Jan-19Mount Royal CougarsTCCKamloops, BC6:45 pm
12-Jan-19Mount Royal CougarsTCCKamloops, BC6:45 pm
18-Jan-19Trinity Western SpartansLECLangley, BC7:00 pm
19-Jan-19Trinity Western SpartansLECLangley, BC6:00 pm
25-Jan-19Manitoba BisonsWinnipeg, MB7:00 pm
26-Jan-19Manitoba BisonsWinnipeg, MB6:00 pm
1-Feb-19Brandon BobcatsTCCKamloops, BC6:45 pm
2-Feb-19Brandon BobcatsTCCKamloops, BC6:45 pm
8-Feb-19Saskatchewan HuskiesTCCKamloops, BC6:45 pm
9-Feb-19Saskatchewan HuskiesTCCKamloops, BC6:45 pm
15-Feb-19UBCO HeatFurnaceKelowna, BC8:00 pm
16-Feb-19UBCO HeatFurnaceKelowna, BC7:00 pm
* 22-Feb-19 TBD, 4:00 pm
* 1-Mar-19 TBD, 4:00 pm
* 7-Mar-19 TBD, 4:00 pm
* 14-Mar-19 LavalLaval, QC4:00 pm

Women's Basketball Schedule

* 21-Sep-18Calgary DinosJack SimpsonCalgary, AB4:00 pm
* 22-Sep-18Calgary DinosJack SimpsonCalgary, AB4:00 pm
* 20-Oct-18Alberta PandasEdmonton, AB4:00 pm
* 21-Oct-18Lethbridge PronghornsEdmonton, AB4:00 pm
26-Oct-18Fraser Valley CascadesAbbotsford, BC6:00 pm
27-Oct-18Fraser Valley CascadesAbbotsford, BC5:00 pm
9-Nov-18Victoria VikesTCCKamloops, BC5:00 pm
10-Nov-18Victoria VikesTCCKamloops, BC5:00 pm
16-Nov-18UBC ThunderbirdsVancouver, BC6:00 pm
17-Nov-18UBC ThunderbirdsVancouver, BC5:00 pm
23-Nov-18UBCO HeatTCCKamloops, BC11:00 am
24-Nov-18UBCO HeatTCCKamloops, BC1:00 pm
30-Nov-18Alberta PandasTCCKamloops, BC5:00 pm
1-Dec-18Alberta PandasTCCKamloops, BC5:00 pm
4-Jan-19UNBC TimberwolvesPrince George, BC6:00 pm
5-Jan-19UNBC TimberwolvesPrince George, BC5:00 pm
11-Jan-19Winnipeg WesmenWinnipeg, MB5:00 pm
12-Jan-19Winnipeg WesmenWinnipeg, MB6:00 pm
18-Jan-19Regina CougarsTCCKamloops, BC5:00 pm
19-Jan-19Regina CougarsTCCKamloopsBC, BC5:00 pm
25-Jan-19Manitoba BisonsTCCKamloops, BC5:00 pm
26-Jan-19Manitoba BisonsTCCKamloops, BC5:00 pm
1-Feb-19Calgary DinosJack SimpsonCalgary, AB6:00 pm
2-Feb-19Calgary DinosJack SimpsonCalgary, AB5:00 pm
* 7-Feb-19Play In TBD, 4:00 pm
* 15-Feb-19QF TBD, 4:00 pm
* 21-Feb-19SF TBD, 4:00 pm
* 28-Feb-19Finals TBD, 4:00 pm
* 7-Mar-19Nationals RyersonToronto, ON4:00 pm

Men's Basketball Schedule

* 12-Oct-18MacEwan GriffinsTCCKamloops, BC6:00 pm
* 19-Oct-18Laurentian Voyageursthe FurnaceKelowna, BC4:00 pm
* 20-Oct-18UNBC Timberwolvesthe FurnaceKelowna, BC2:00 pm
26-Oct-18UFV CascadesAbbotsford, BC8:00 pm
27-Oct-18UFV CascadesAbbotsford, BC7:00 pm
* 3-Nov-18Northwest University Kirkland, WA2:00 pm
9-Nov-18UVIC VikesTCCKamloops, BC7:00 pm
10-Nov-18UVIC VikesTCCKamloops, BC6:00 pm
16-Nov-18UBC ThunderbirdsVancouverBC, BC8:00 pm
17-Nov-18UBC ThunderbirdsVancouver, BC7:00 pm
23-Nov-18UBCO HeatTCCKamloops, BC7:00 pm
24-Nov-18UBCO HeatTCCKamloops, BC6:00 pm
30-Nov-18Alberta Golden BearsTCCKamloops, BC12:45 pm
1-Dec-18Alberta Golden BearsTCCKamloops, BC2:45 pm
* 17-Dec-18Western Montana College Phoenix, AZ2:00 pm
* 18-Dec-18Grace College (Indiana) Phoenix, AZ2:00 pm
4-Jan-19UNBC TimberwolvesPrince George, BC8:00 pm
5-Jan-19UNBC TimberwolvesPrince George, BC7:00 pm
11-Jan-19Winnipeg WesmenWinnipeg, MB8:00 pm
12-Jan-19Winnipeg WesmenWinnipeg, MB5:00 pm
18-Jan-19Regina CougarsTCCKamloops, BC7:00 pm
19-Jan-19Regina CougarsTCCKamloops, BC7:00 pm
25-Jan-19Manitoba BisonsTCCKamloops, BC7:00 pm
26-Jan-19Manitoba BisonsTCCKamloops, BC7:00 pm
1-Feb-19Calgary DinosJack SimpsonCalgary, AB8:00 pm
2-Feb-19Calgary DinosJack SimpsonCalgary, AB7:00 pm
* 7-Feb-19Play In TBD, 4:00 pm
* 14-Feb-19QF TBD, 4:00 pm
* 21-Feb-19SF TBD, 4:00 pm
* 28-Feb-19Finals TBD, 4:00 pm
* 7-Mar-19Final 8 DalhousieHalifax, NS4:00 pm

Cheerleading Schedule

, 4:00 pm
, 4:00 pm
, 4:00 pm
, 4:00 pm
, 4:00 pm
, 4:00 pm

Baseball Schedule

* , 4:00 pm
* , 4:00 pm
* , 4:00 pm
, 4:00 pm
* , 4:00 pm
* , 4:00 pm
* , 4:00 pm
* , 4:00 pm
* , 4:00 pm
* , 4:00 pm
* , 4:00 pm
* , 4:00 pm
* , 4:00 pm
* , 4:00 pm
* , 4:00 pm
, 4:00 pm
* , 4:00 pm
* , 4:00 pm
* , 4:00 pm
* , 4:00 pm
* , 4:00 pm
* , 4:00 pm
* , 4:00 pm
, 4:00 pm
, 4:00 pm
, 4:00 pm
, 4:00 pm
, 4:00 pm
, 4:00 pm
, 4:00 pm
, 4:00 pm
, 4:00 pm
, 4:00 pm
, 4:00 pm

Curling Schedule

9-Feb-18UofA PandasWest CanWinnipeg, MB2:00 pmW 8-3
10-Feb-18LethbridgeProghonrs PronghornsWest CanWinnipeg, MB9:00 amW 9-5
10-Feb-18WinnipegWesmen West CanWinnipeg, MB2:00 pmW 8-7 (11 ends)
11-Feb-18Regina CougarsWest CanWinnipeg, MB9:00 amW 8-2
24-Mar-18Queens Golden GaelsUSPORTSLeduc , AB8:00 amW 10-7
24-Mar-18UofA PandasUSPORTSLeduc, AB4:00 pmL 5-10
25-Mar-18Brock BadgersUSPORTSLeduc, AB12:00 pmW 8-2
25-Mar-18Memorial Sea-HawksUSPORTSLeduc, AB8:00 pmW 11-6
26-Mar-18Laurier Golden HawksUSPORTSLeduc, AB8:00 amW 8-5
26-Mar-18Regina CougarsUSPORTSLeduc, AB4:00 pmL 4-9
27-Mar-18Mount Allison MountiesUSPORTSLeduc, AB12:00 pmW 5-4
27-Mar-18Semi Finals Brock USPORTSLeduc, AB6:30 pmW 8-7
28-Mar-18Gold Alberta PandasUSPORTSLeduc, AB11:00 amL 3-6

Women's Rugby Schedule

10-Feb-18UFV CascadesAbbotsford, BC9:00 amL 15-27
10-Feb-18LethbridgeProghonrs PronghornsAbbotsford, BC11:30 amL 0-57
10-Feb-18UBC ThunderbirdsAbbotsford, BC12:45 pmL 0-50
10-Feb-18UVIC VikesAbbotsford, BC2:00 pmL 0-67
11-Feb-18UofA Pandasabbotsford, BC9:00 amL 0-43
11-Feb-18Uof C Dinosabbotsford, BC12:20 pmL 0-53
24-Feb-18UFV CascadesVictoria, BC9:30 amL 0-43
24-Feb-18UVic VikesVictoria, BC12:20 pmL 0-62
24-Feb-18UofA PandasVictoria, BC2:15 pmL 0-43
24-Feb-18UofC DinosVictoria, BC4:15 pmL 0-48
25-Feb-18UBC ThunderbirdsVictoria, BC10:00 amL 0-38
25-Feb-18LethbridgeProghonrs PronghornsVictoria, BC2:00 pmL 5-40