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Interpreting ACCUPLACER Test Scores

The Reading Comprehension, Sentence Skills, Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra and College Level Math test scores are reported on a 120-point scale. These score are listed in the column titled Total Right Score on your score report sheet. For example, if your Total Right Score is 68, that equates to 68/120.

The WritePlacer Plus Score is reported on a scale from 0 to 8 with a description for each score. A score of zero indicates that the response was off topic, in a language other than English, too short to be evaluated, or in some other way not able to be scored.

The second column on your score report sheet is the standard error of measure (SEM). These scores show the accuracy of the test in assessing your skills and reflect the accuracy of the measurement. Statistically, two-thirds of the examinees will have true levels scores within the + or – one SEM.
Example: If your Total Right Score is 68 and your SEM is 6.7, this means that the next time you take this test, it is highly probable that your next score will be within 68 ± 6.7 and therefore somewhere between 61 and 75.