Faculty of Arts

Fall 2020 Course Delivery

All Faculty of Arts courses will be delivered in an alternative virtual format, with the exception of some visual and performing arts courses.

Virtual delivery

Most courses that are delivered virtually will be a blend of scheduled virtual meetings (i.e. synchronous activity) as well as assignment of work that does not require specific meeting times (i.e. asynchronous activity). These courses appear in the course schedule with the building listed as “virtual delivery”.

The course schedule includes times and days for courses delivered virtually to ensure conflict-free timetables; however, not all weekly scheduled meeting times will be required for synchronous activity in all courses.

Instructors will identify during the first week of the semester which, if any, weekly scheduled times will require virtual synchronous activity.

Students should select virtual delivery courses with the understanding that they may be required to participate virtually in synchronous activity during the scheduled days and times indicated.

Course Schedule

Face-to-face delivery

The following studio classes will be delivered at least partially face-to-face:

Course Delivery
MUSI 1700 Partial face-to-face
MUSI 2700 Partial face-to-face
THTR 1110 Face-to-face
THTR 2110 Face-to-face
THTR 2120 Hybrid
THTR 3600 Face-to-face
THTR 4000 Hybrid
VISA 1030 Some studio access
VISA 2210 Studio course
VISA 2310 Some studio access
VISA 2510 Hybrid studio course
VISA 2540 Hybrid studio course
VISA 2610 Hybrid studio course
VISA 2710 Studio course
VISA 3520 Studio course
VISA 3610 Hybrid studio course
VISA 3710 Studio course
VISA 4991 12-credit capstone studio course