Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University
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Skills we learn

  • Analyse issues with a cross-cultural understanding
  • Be critically aware of and analyse social issues
  • Conduct surveys and employ ethical interviewing techniques
  • Engage in cross-cultural communication
  • Gather and analyse qualitative and quantitative data on social issues
  • Interpret and articulate information and research effectively, through written reports and presentations
  • Observe and interpret current social and political issues
  • Perform research and analytical tasks
  • Solve problems creatively and articulate alternative solutions for contemporary social issues
  • Recognize with proficiency cultural differences and similarities
  • Understand individual and societal behaviour, communication, and interaction
  • Understand the origin and physical, social, or cultural development of societies and human behaviour
  • Understand the roles of government, social, and cultural groups and institutions
  • Use social, behavioural, biological, and other scientific research methods
  • Work with diverse groups

Potential occupations

Work that involves community education on demographics or multiculturalism, environmental exploration, government departments on administration, criminal justice, international development, statistics or policy analysis, or community or international service.

  • Administrative services coordinator
  • Advocate
  • Archaeological technician
  • Bilingual/bicultural program specialist
  • Caseworker
  • Community relations director
  • Crime victim services worker
  • Criminologist
  • Curator
  • Early childhood diversity strategist
  • Elder care support worker
  • Ethnographic research assistant
  • Employment counsellor
  • Forensic assistant
  • Health research assistant
  • Heritage interpreter
  • Impact assessor
  • International student advisor
  • Labour analyst
  • Legislative aide
  • Manager, cultural business council
  • Mediator
  • Multicultural education specialist
  • Museum and gallery assistant
  • Opinion pollster
  • Outreach assistant
  • Park interpreter
  • Planning and evaluation coordinator
  • Policy analyst
  • Project officer, urban Aboriginal strategy
  • Public health educator
  • Social impact analyst
  • Social justice advocate
  • Strategic planning advisor
  • Travel agent/guide/consultant
  • Urban planner
  • Vocational services advisor
  • Youth program worker
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