Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University


Skills we learn

  • Analyze concepts, definitions, arguments, and problems
  • Apply statistical methods
  • Collect, contextualize, organize, synthesize, and analyse data
  • Communicate effectively in both oral and written contexts
  • Compare and contrast various perspectives and information
  • Conduct detail oriented research
  • Develop cross cultural awareness
  • Develop reasoned and research supported arguments
  • Employ interdisciplinary research methods
  • Evaluate historical data
  • Maintain accurate records
  • Manipulate numerical data and analyse results
  • Observe and evaluate in a critical manner
  • Present ideas through well-constructed and systematic arguments
  • Recognize patterns between historical and current events
  • Record keeping and report writing
  • Relate theory to practice
  • Solve problems and make predictions based on trends

Potential occupations

Work that involves business and/or trading, economics, communication, research and analysis, archives and heritage, journalism and media outlets, and political consulting and public relations.

  • Account manager
  • Advertising media planner
  • Antique dealer
  • Archivist assistant
  • Benefits administrator
  • Biographer
  • Campaign worker
  • Columnist
  • Community relations director
  • Culture and heritage director
  • Document retriever/ researcher
  • Editor
  • Energy researcher
  • Entrepreneur
  • Foreign correspondent
  • Government heritage officer
  • Heritage assistant
  • Historic interpreter
  • Historic site administrator
  • Human rights worker
  • Immigration or customs officer
  • International development
  • Labour relations specialist
  • Legislative correspondent
  • Management consultant
  • Market research/ Media analyst
  • Operations research analyst
  • Parliamentary clerk
  • Speech writer
  • Tourism guide
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