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Actors Workshop Theatre 2019/2020

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Electric Baby

The Electric Baby

Sept. 26-28 and Oct. 3-5, 2019
  • By Stefanie Zadravec
  • Directed by Wes Eccleston

When a young man is killed in a car accident, a group of fractured souls encounter a magical dying baby and begin to rewrite the stories of their lives. Folk tales and folklore weave throughout this darkly comic story of sad endings, strange beginnings and the unlikely people that get you from one place to the next.



Nov. 21-23 and 28-30, 2019
  • By Kat Sandler
  • Directed by Robin Nichol

A job at Fischer, Cos, Sutton, and Tate is worth killing for… but is it worth dying for? Four interns find themselves abandoned at a camp run by a disgraced scoutmaster. They’re each given a token and instructed to get their hands on all four tokens at any cost. What begins as a darkly funny exercise in deception and manipulation, quickly turns deadly as the camp descends into chaos.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Feb. 26-29 and Mar. 4-7, 2020
  • By William Shakespeare
  • Directed by Catriona Leger

Four sparring lovers take refuge in the woods, only to find themselves in the midst of a dispute between the king and queen of the fairies. With the roguish Puck causing havoc, what could possibly go wrong? Shakespeare’s evergreen comedy is a tale of order and chaos, love and fantasy. It glitters with dramatic poetry and is full of mischief, misunderstanding and merriment.

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The 21st Annual Directors Festival

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Apr. 6-11, 2020

One-act plays directed by senior directing students.

NIGHT A – April 6, 8, 10

THE WAY TO MIAMI by Donald Steele, directed by Danielle Foisy

Toiletries? Check. Clothes? Check. Photos? Check. New place? Moving van? Check check. Dishes? Frank and Leola might be packed and ready to go to Miami but some things still need to be unpacked.


THE BLUEBERRY HILL ACCORD by Daryl Watson, directed by Jane Harestad

Longtime friendships are tricky business, and ending them can be a whole other ordeal! With all that history and emotional investment, if only there was some professional and impersonal method of dealing with them.... like divorce! That's what Lindsay was thinking of when deciding how to end her life-long friendship with her closest friend Hannah. Call your lawyer, because you'll need one present when signing "The Blueberry Hill Accord"


TIL DEATH DO US by Gene Fiskin, directed by Paige Caswell

Marriage will solve everything, right? Follow Helen and Steve on an emotional, comedic journey unveiling the issues that may arise in a marriage. Insecurities, bloating, pimples, and Denise’s dress may be just enough to end this marriage, before it’s even begun. Maybe what happens in Vegas, really should stay there.


ITCH by Frederick Stroppel, directed by Jakob Kopytko

When Ralph and Chiffon gear up for a night of pleasure, things take a twist when Chiffon realizes she’s only scratched the surface of his true desires.


THE LIFEBOAT IS SINKING by Shel Silverstien, directed by Megan Polacik

Jen rocks the boat with a question no husband wants to answer: wife, mother, or daughter?  Can Sherwin make a choice that doesn't leave his stomach in knots? Caution: stormy seas ahead!


NIGHT B – April 7, 9, 11

THE OTHER WOMAN by David Ives, directed by Santaya Stander 

Follow the suspense between Emma and Thomas, a married couple, who experience subconscious intimacy without consent. Jump between Emma’s dream world and the reality within the daylight. Can a marriage survive when you cheat on your wife, with your wife?


BAR MITZVAH BOY by Samara Siskind, directed by Avie Cachelin

You’ve been invited to Samuel’s bar mitzvah party! Join him and his friend Stacie as they dance between the lines of friendship and maybe something more, all while navigating what it means to be an adult when you’re only 13. Mazel tov!


BLUEBERRY WALTZ by Liz Amberly, directed by Emily Brown

Deb and Keith are happily married with children in Pennsylvania, 1955. Everything changes when Keith gets in a mining accident and almost dies, leaving Deb to wonder: would Keith have died happy? 



by Garth Wingfield, directed by Aaron Foster

Have you ever seen a stranger and imagined your entire life with them? Or you see this person everyday at work, or on the bus but have never talked to them? Ever wonder what would happen if you did?


SUBTRACTION by Kevin McFillen, directed by Cassandra Byrne

On what starts as an innocent morning in the park, Walter meets Melanie, a case worker for the Department of Subtraction – an Extra-Governmental agency on a mission to bring balance to the Universe. What starts as an innocent encounter quickly shifts into a discussion about the nature of the Universe and the place people have in it – and the whispers they leave behind when they disappear – willingly or otherwise.