Faculty of Arts

Political Studies Courses

Frequently taught courses in political studies:

Course Description Instructor
POLI 1110 The Government and Politics of Canada Kading/Cook/Hanlon
POLI 1210 Contemporary Ideologies Kading/Cook/Hanlon
POLI 2140 Resistance and Revolution Bell
POLI 2150 Political Philosophy Cook
POLI 2220 Political Philosophy Cook
POLI 2250 Law and Politics Hanlon
POLI 2600 International Politics Cook
POLI 3010 Canadian Political Parties Kading
POLI 3100 Local Government in Canada Kading
POLI 3200 American Government and Politics Kading
POLI 3420 Modern Political Theory: Analysis of a Selected Theorist Cook
POLI 3440 Social and Political Thought Cook
POLI 3520 Politics of Developing Nations Hanlon
POLI 3610 Canadian Foreign Policy Hanlon
POLI 3640 Politics of the Middle East Cook
POLI 4110 Humanitarian Intervention: A Canadian Perspective Cook
POLI 4710 Communism and the Environment Bell
POLI 2900 Topics in Political Studies Kading/Cook/Hanlon/Bell
POLI 3900 Topics in Political Studies Kading/Cook/Hanlon/Bell
POLI 4900 Topics in Political Studies Kading/Cook/Hanlon/Bell
Examples of Special Topics courses in Politics: The War on Terror, Human Security, Politics of China, Politics of the Asia Pacific, Political Violence in the post-Cold War Era.