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Philosophy Songs and Skits

John Cleese

You can listen to John Cleese, star of Monty Python's Flying Circus, as he explains:

After all, if you can't trust John Cleese, who can you trust?

Monty Python also studied logic. You can see their argument clinic in this video:

John Cleese

The Monads

Finally, we must call your attention to The Monads, probably the greatest (and perhaps only) philosophy band ever. Their songs combine philosophical sophistication with adolescent yearning to yield soulful melodies that will leave you pining to learn more about Spinoza, Hume, Meinong, and contemporary analytic metaphysics. What other major could inspire lyrics like "my heart is broken / it's a pain-instantiatin' token", and "even if you are temporally gappy, son, you still gotta be a man"? Click on any of the song-titles below to download an mp3 file containing the song of that title, or visit their web site.