Faculty of Arts

Current Courses

Frequently taught courses in philosophy:

Course Description Instructor
PHIL 1010 Introduction to Philosophy: Great Thinkers: Ancient Greece-Enlightenment Baugh/Woodrow
PHIL 1020 Introduction to Philosophy: Great Thinkers: Enlightenment-Modern Baugh
PHIL 1100 Introduction to Philosophy: Problems and Themes Tapley/Woodrow
PHIL 1110 Introduction to Critical Thinking McLaughlin/Woodrow
PHIL 2010 Introduction to Ethics Baugh/Woodrow
PHIL 2100 Introduction to Ancient Philosophy Baugh
PHIL 2140 Knowledge, Certainty, and Skepticism
PHIL 2150 Substance, Change, and Identity Tapley
PHIL 2160 Technology and the Environment Woodrow
PHIL 2220 Elementary Formal Logic Woodrow
PHIL 2290 Philosophy of Emotions Baugh
PHIL 2310 Health Care Ethics McLaughlin
PHIL 2390 Philosophy of Rock Music Baugh
PHIL 2400 Understanding Scientific Reasoning Woodrow
PHIL 3010 Ethics Tapley
PHIL 3140 The Rationalists Baugh
PHIL 3150 Empiricists (Locke, Berkeley, and Hume) Tapley
PHIL 3160 Modern European Philosophy Baugh
PHIL 3170 Topics in Continental Philosophy Baugh
PHIL 3210 Feminism Tapley
PHIL 3300 Moral and Political Tapley
PHIL 3390 Philosophy of Art Baugh
PHIL 3490 Philosophy of Religion Baugh
PHIL 3500 Metaphysics Baugh / Tapley
PHIL 3600 Knowledge, Power, and Credibility Woodrow
PHIL 3750 Philosophy and Literature Baugh
PHIL 4160 Topics in 19th-Century Philosophy Baugh
PHIL 4180 Topics in 20th-Century Philosophy Baugh
PHIL 4190 Philosophy of History Baugh
PHIL 4330 Biomedical Ethics McLaughlin
PHIL 4350 Environmental Ethics McLaughlin
PHIL 4390 Philosophy of Sex and Love Tapley
PHIL 4400 Philosophy of Science Woodrow
PHIL 4510 Philosophy of Mind, Bodies, and Persons Woodrow
PHIL 4920 Selected Topics in Ethics McLaughlin/Tapley