Faculty of Arts

History Faculty

Dr. Wilson Bell

My research interests include the history of forced labour and political repression in Russia and the Soviet Union. I focus particularly on the Stalin-era prison camps in Western Siberia, and the interactions between the prisoner populations and Soviet society. This interest in interaction has brought me to such topics as black market activity and illicit sexual relations within the camps. Secondary research interests include home-front mobilization during World War II and Russian environmental history. I teach a variety of modern European, Russian, and global topics courses.

Dr. Tina Block — History Major Program Advisor

My research interests include the history of religion, gender, and family in postwar North America. Much of my research has focused on the regional context of the Pacific Northwest, and I am particularly interested in understanding the place of religion in the construction of British Columbia identity. I also seek to examine and explain the history of women's religious (and irreligious) lives, and the meanings and consequences of atheism in Cold War era Canada.

Dr. Michael Gorman — History Major Program Advisor

Interests include history of the American South, the Civil War, 20th-century popular culture and American political history. Research interests also include 19th-century Southern history and American culture from 1930-1960.

Dr. Tracy Penny Light

My research focuses on the history of medicine, particularly in relation to constructions of gender and sexuality in 19th and 20th century North America. I am also interested in the history of the media (especially as it relates to gender and sexuality) and in the ways that we teach students to think historically. My educational research focuses on the ways that learners can be engaged and empowered in their learning with electronic portfolios (ePortfolios).

Dr. Anne St. John-Stark

Interests include British, American and European social history, religious history, history of popular belief, history of science and technology; Sixteenth through Eighteenth century studies; United States history, especially folk and religious history, political history; History of civilian and military responses during war; History of emotions, mental illness, PTSD; Intellectual history Europe and Britain: millenarism, apocalyptic thought, catastrophe awareness and responses.