Faculty of Arts

Our Vision

Modern Languages embraces the idea that in-depth knowledge of a second language enhances cognitive skills. With this in mind, we strive to expose students to different languages, cultures and societies through the courses and the cultural role models we provide. We employ an interactive approach to give students oral and written communication skills, suitable to the level of the course, in another language. This approach incorporates the following principles and goals:

Guiding principles

  • Emphasize an interactive and communicative approach.
  • Include the latest research in pedagogy and methodology.
  • Incorporate an interdisciplinary approach to teaching, including literature and culture.
  • Use a variety of delivery methods to accommodate different learning styles.
  • Foster quality of teaching through sharing of teaching ideas, resources and experiences.


  • Ensure that the program adheres to a high standard of post-secondary language education.
  • Ensure the standard of courses, especially in first year, is comparable to that of language courses at other B.C. universities.
  • Increase enrolment by offering an Associate of Arts degree, by creating a minor and new upper-level language and interdisciplinary courses.
  • Enhance Modern Languages profile on campus.
  • Foster independent study amongst students.