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The Language Lab at TRU

Located in AE200, at the west end on the second floor of the Arts and Education building, the Modern Languages lab is the core of our program, serving not only as our star teaching resource but also as a focal point for student learning and information sharing about language-related issues and opportunities.

Bulletin boards inside and across from the lab complement the on-line resources with information about language learning opportunities on campus and around the world.

In Fall 2008, we upgraded our lab, doubling the number of workstations to 30 and installing Gentian Learning Systems' fully digital, state-of-the-art Calasanz Digital Classroom. The system allows instructors to teach in the lab and provides web access to a number of valuable online language learning resources. It includes a digital voice recorder that allows students to immediately record and listen to their own voice as they gain hours of oral practice in their language learning.

All language classes have one compulsory, scheduled lab hour per week. Students are given a language lab orientation at the beginning of each semester, and language lab assistants are on-site to provide assistance. Most Modern Languages faculty offices are across the hall from the lab.

TRU Language Lab TRU Language Lab