Faculty of Arts

Chair's Message and Graduation Requirements

Thompson Rivers University (TRU) offers an intensive Bachelor of Journalism degree that blends theory and skill development and trains students for jobs as journalists and communication specialists. The practical side of the program focuses on writing, editing, interviewing, photography and working with new technology to produce print and online publications. The theory side of the program emphasizes ethics, media law, decision-making and critical thinking. The degree prepares students for careers in newspapers, magazines and other news organizations or to work in the communication and media liaison departments of government agencies, corporations and non-profit and advocacy organizations. Students have the opportunity to work with professors who are experienced journalists and state of the art equipment in a program that encourages students to develop the professional and entrepreneurial skills they need to flourish in a changing media environment.

Graduation requirements

The Bachelor of Journalism degree, granted upon the successful completion of 120 credits, includes a minimum of 60 credits of Journalism. Most students enter into the Bachelor of Journalism program at the first year and complete four year’s of study in the program, graduating after completing 20 required Journalism courses, along with 20 elective courses.  Journalism students complete 60 Journalism credits over four years, with 12 credits required in each of the first and second years, and 18 credits required in each of the third and fourth years. Students may also apply for third-year entry by transferring post-secondary credits into the program and completing all the required (core) Journalism courses and a minimum 48 credits in Journalism.