Faculty of Arts

Geography and Environmental Studies Faculty

  • Hill, David, BS (Cornell), MS, PhD (Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Assistant Professor
  • Carlyle-Moses, Darryl, Hons BSc (Toronto at Mississauga), MSc, PhD (Toronto) Associate Professor
  • Huscroft, Crystal, Comb Hons BSc (British Columbia), MSc (Simon Fraser) Senior Lecturer
  • Mehta, Michael, BA Hons, MES, PhD (York) Professor
  • Naqvi, Kim BSc (Regina), MA, PhD (Wilfred Laurier) Lecturer
  • Viaud, Gilles, BA, MA (Laval), PhD (Saskatchewan) Associate Professor
  • Waldichuk, Tom, BA (Carleton), Ex Dipl (Simon Fraser), MA (Wilfred Laurier), Ph.D (York) Assistant Professor
Sessional Faculty
  • Macdonald, Terry