Faculty of Arts

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Communication

This four-year degree allows you to choose between two streams:

  • Communication and New Media Studies
  • Communication and Public Relations

Although there is some overlap in core courses, the two streams have different lower and upper level requirements.

Communication and New Media Studies

This stream covers the aesthetic, narrative and theoretical aspects of technology, as well as computer-mediated communication. If you have an interest in the ways technology, design and business interact, this program is for you.

Taking this stream will help you understand how "new" media fit in with forms and practices that are a part of "old" media. You will be able to anticipate developments in new media, and the genres and other patterns that they manifest — such as story and play in computer games; community, conversation and interpersonal communication with smartphones and social software; the way charisma, character and identity are communicated across a range of media.

Future Employment

Graduates are, first and foremost, scholars of social, cultural and aesthetic effects of technology. They are prepared for graduate study in the field, and also ready to enter the work force as consultants to the public or private sectors, linking aspects of technology, media, and message.

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Communication and Public Relations

This stream covers the practical and commercial application of communication. If you have business, tourism, entrepreneurial and public service ambitions, this program will show you how communication can enhance your business practices. Close ties with the Tourism and Business faculties offer the benefit of preparing you for a wide variety of business and event planning situations. No other such program exists in the Kamloops region.

This program offers graduates a background in communication history and theory, a wide reservoir of meaning-making skills (image-based, language-based, etc.), marketing knowledge and event planning. The communication courses offer training in strategies of communication design and the application of theory through pragmatic application. Public relations graduates should be well-rounded professional communicators who are prepared to enter the public or private sectors.

Future Employment

Private and public sector institutions hire people to plan and carry out communication and public relations activities. Employers regularly look for people with university degrees in communication, journalism or marketing, to hire someone who can write well and think analytically.

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