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Students Lynn Johnson and Dean Nicholson 1979

Amassing a collection of photos and memorabilia

   Monday, May 7 2018

TRU’s Alumni Association is collecting photos and memorabilia from anyone who was at Cariboo College in the '70s and '80s.

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Two friends fulfill dreams of ending sleep issues

   Tuesday, December 11 2018

After taking the polysomnography certificate through TRU OL, two alumni students are helping northern Quebecers overcome sleep issues.

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Expressing surrealism with fire, floods and rotting fruit

   Thursday, November 15 2018

This Fine Arts graduate is inspired by making the surreal world a reality.

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York uses Open Learning to maneuver busy life and earn BHSc

   Tuesday, October 23 2018

Despite starting a big family, Ateshia York pulled off straight As in TRU-OL and obtained her BHSc, setting up the rest of her career.

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Liz Young cookbook

Stowing away lessons for a life of adventure

   Thursday, October 18 2018

Former UCC student Liz Young is currently on a book tour in the States promoting her cookbook about life on the self-sustaining farm.

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Forged Axe Throwing axe in target

Fun with FAT and your inner lumberjack

   Thursday, September 6 2018

Learn how two adventure guide grads turned an idea of an axe-throwing business into something bigger than they ever expected.

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We know what you did this summer: UREAP Edition

   Friday, August 24 2018

Three students who spent their summer as funded researchers through UREAP talk about their experience.

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Chris Hunt and Milad Javdan publish on Tercon and fundamental breach

   Wednesday, June 20 2018

TRU Law's Chris Hunt and alumnus Javdan collaborate to publish their research in Canadian Business Law Journal.

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Convocation hat toss

Valedictorian speeches, honorary doctor speeches spring 2018

   Friday, June 15 2018

Relive spring #TRUgrad 2018 through inspiring words from the six valedictorians, six honorary degree recipients and VIPs.

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Sliders at The Commodore

A delightful dining experience

   Monday, May 7 2018

TRU Alumni & Friends second annual Dish Up Downtown was a hit on April 18, raising over $4,000 for the Alumni Endowment Fund.

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