TRU Calling Campaign

The TRU Calling Campaign is a fundraising appeal conducted each year by the University and the Alumni and Friends Association. TRU students are hired and trained to make telephone calls to more than 14,000 alumni and friends.

These calls help to build positive relationships with our alumni and raise funds for student scholarships, bursaries, the library and more. We also invest this time to stay connected with the friends and alumni of TRU and through this conversation we like to inform, involve and engage you by:

  • Informing you about our benefits
  • Updating you on the latest news
  • Saying a special thank you to donors
  • Welcoming new grads to the Alumni and Friends Association
  • Giving you the opportunity to make a donation to support TRU students
  • Update your contact details and personal and professional achievements

TRU alumni and friends are an essential part of the telephone campaign and are always incredibly positive about the university when contacted by our student callers. The hilarious stories and careers advice that our students hear on the phone all contribute to why the job is so enjoyable for them. Thank you all in advance for taking the time to speak to one of our students.

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