Students will engage in Indigenous, local, and global intercultural understanding

TRU is indigenizing university by incorporating Indigenous ways of knowing and community needs into our scholarship and research, and supporting Indigenous student success through culturally-relevant services and learning options.


  • Increased integration of cultural awareness within curriculum and teaching
  • Increased opportunities for intercultural or international experiences for all students
  • Increased opportunities to study abroad, including field schools, student and faculty exchange programs, service learning project work, and research
  • Increased Indigenous student participation in study abroad through cohort models, in the contexts of Indigenous field schools, student and faculty exchange programs, service learning project work, and research, particularly in the context of international Indigenous partnerships
  • Increased international student exposure to Indigenous, local and regional cultural life and activities
  • Programs and curriculum, including interdisciplinary studies, that make visible the history, traditions, and experience of underrepresented groups
  • Additional domestic and international degree options, such as dual-, joint-, and Masters degrees, with partner institutions
  • International “virtual or distance” projects and collaborations at the research, operational, and assessment stages, including distance study with other Open and Distance universities and other institutions offering multi-modal learning
  • Engagement of regional students with the Kamloops campus, including student functions and conferences held in Kamloops, Williams Lake and the Regional Centres
  • Language offerings as required to support new program initiatives emerging from the Academic Plan
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