Students will engage in life-long learning

TRU is developing its continuing education and regional centre offerings and other learning options within the new Community U model, to support innovation in life-long learning and teaching strategies.


  • Sustainable regional offerings
  • Enhanced seminar series, public lectures and colloquia across the university that engage campus, local and distance communities, including enhancement of the existing Cultural Events series
  • Further development of community & university educational and cultural conferences, potentially including a province- or nation-wide undergraduate research conference
  • TRU continued development of the use/acceptance of Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition
  • Enhanced commitment to Service Learning within programs
  • Enhanced library accessibility for lifelong and non-traditional learners
  • The articulation of a university-wide, life-long learning plan embedded in a university-wide, life-long learning model
  • The development of flexible delivery and blended delivery models for continuing education courses and programs
  • New summer institute programs and summer camps programs for each of the 4 core Academic Themes identified in the Academic Plan
  • New summer camps for older teens in all schools and faculties
  • Programs for students who are in their indecisive gap year, between high school and university, including student exchange and Study Abroad programs
  • New non-credit professional development offerings for working, retired, and underemployed students
  • Increased course offerings in evening and weekend time slots
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